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Icelandic movies seen around the world

23 marzo 2010

Have you ever seen an Icelandic movie?

In order to develop a map of Icelandic movies distributed and shown outside Icelandic, with the purpose to develop a plan for study the spectator’s perception I invite you to post comments about the Icelandic films that you have seen and on which occasion you’ve seen them, copying and pasting the form below


PLACE / SITUATION OF ENJOYMENT: (es Film Festival, downloaded from Internet, TV, DVD, Cine Forum, cinema, etc. …)

REASONS: (reasons that led you to see the film, es. Suggestion from a friend, indication on magazine, newspaper, Internet, randomly, etc. ..)

HOW MUCH DID YOU KNOW ABOUT ICELAND BEFORE WATCHING THE MOVIE?: (Specify: Very much-Very-Fairly-Little-Very little-Nothing)

OTHER: (any additional comments and / or opinions about the film)

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  1. 24 marzo 2010 07:24

    If you have not seen an Icelandic movie before, take a look at film collection here:


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